offers a selection of holiday including on the pristine beaches of the island plus value-added products like all the activities that are available through our partners who are their respective operators in the air, on land and in the sea.
Activities in the Air: Flying school courses on micro-light aircraft.
Activities in the Sea: Scuba Diving on all diving spots around the island, Big Game Fishing, Catamaran and Speedboat to secluded off-shore islands, “Live On-board Cruises”, Dolphin Watch, Sailing, Parasailing, Surfing and Kite Surfing, and Snorkelling in Blue Bay Marine Park.
Activities on Land: Deer and Wild Boar Hunting, Golf, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Canyonning and Hiking.
Many interesting visits are also available in Mauritius: Casela Leisure Park, Vanilla Crocodile Park, Domaine de l’Etoile, SSS Botanical Garden, l’Ile aux Aigrettes, Chamarel Coloured Earth, L’Aventure du Sucre, Bois Chéri Tea Factory, Rault Manioc Biscuit Factory and also attend a Horse Racing Meeting.
Our special service: Exotic Weddings and Honeymoons, Limousine Trips, Car Rental and Airport Transfers.




The micro-light aircraft used is the X-Air – one of the safest aircrafts for conducting flying courses. It is easy to handle, and the tariffs are very reasonable. Be ready to feel the wind on your face while enjoying the beautiful scenery when flying over the lovely coastlines of Mauritius…



There were already several good 18-hole golf courses in Mauritius. World renowned guys like Hugh Baiocchi, Bernhard Langer and Rodney Wright and Peter Alliss are the designers of the latest golf courses. Several top players have already travelled to Mauritius to take part in international tournaments, held under the patronage of PGA Africa, with referees provided by International PGA. Mauritius is certainly on its way to become a truly golf destination...


HUNTING - Deerstalking

The first stags were brought to Mauritius by the Dutch more than 365 years ago in view of colonizing the island. The stags soon found their way into the mountains and started reproducing in all the neighbouring forests. A private property of about 1500 hectares of splendid forest, having a stag population over 1000, offer facilities to hunt all the year round. The challenge to come near a Java deer on a wild mountainside forest – so different from shrubby savannas – is a must for every dedicated hunter. So get ready to enjoy a fantastic and unforgettable hunting holiday and seize the opportunity to collect a unique trophy that will make your pride. Stags of Java, one of the much sought after trophy, may be hunted in only 2 countries in the world: New Caledonia and Mauritius…



Horse racing was introduced in Mauritius in 1812 by Alfred Draper, a British Colonel whose aim was to earn the esteem of the French population of the island after the French army was defeated by the English in 1810. Racing is certainly the most popular sport in Mauritius, attracting huge crowds at its meetings at Le Champ de Mars. Betting is conducted by individual bookmakers and the Tote system, run by a private company. We offer facilities to attend such meetings in the comfort of a private lodge on the 1st floor, right over the paddock, with an open balcony, overlooking the whole racecourse, only a few metres after the Finish Post…



Horse riding facilities are offered since 2004 to visitors on a private estate of 1700 acres of sugarcane fields and open lands. Several tracks are available to riders depending on their horse riding skills. The horses have been specially trained for trail rides by a coach who supervises all trail rides. Although the horses are calm and obedient, visitors are expected to have a minimal experience of trail rides, and grooms do accompany beginners for the entire duration of the rides on the property…



Stretching over an area of 5000 acres, L’Etoile Nature Reserve is opened to a restricted number of visitors to whom it offers a large variety of original excursions to explore that magnificent estate – quad bikes, mountain bikes and hiking. The guided trips that last for 3 hours offer beautiful views of stunning landscapes, deer reserves, coffee and vanilla plantations, and all of them include a delicious lunch (local cuisine) served in the domain lodge overlooking the magnificent GRSE river. An optional after-lunch activity includes an archery circuit on a range of 3-D targets. Others may prefer spending the afternoon relaxing in the comfort of the lodge. The trip can also be made in a Land Rover with a driver guide – especially for elderly people and families with young kids.



Mauritius is well known now as a wedding/honeymoon destination, and ranks among the top ones. We specialise in tailor-made wedding in Mauritius. Some would go for “saying yes” on board a catamaran or on one of the off-shore islands of Mauritius, or even in a submarine, several metres under water. Others would go for the more traditional options of getting married during a ceremony held in their hotel or a private luxury villa. A few opt for a ceremony on board a “pirogue”… Getting married in Mauritius is relatively easy, although both the bride and the groom must comply to some requirement…



Mauritius has been holding the Blue Marlin World Record (1100 lb) for 16 years, and several others including the Dog Tooth Tuna and the Bonito. Mauritius is truly the place for big trophies. Other species that may be found in our waters, more especially off the western coast include the Black Marlin, the Stripped Marlin, the sailfish and the Spearfish. Among the other fish that may also be caught is the hard fighter Yellow Fin Tuna, the elegant dorado and several species of sharks including the majestic Tiger Shark or the frightening Hammerhead. Several teams of professional anglers offer their beautifully equipped boats to visitors. Is your turn to catch a Marlin coming soon? Why not? Perhaps sooner than you may think!



Scuba diving is practised all the year round in Mauritius due to its exceptional climate, the temperature of the water being around 280 Celsius in summer and 23-240 Celsius in winter (it may be colder on the east coast). There are several very interesting diving sites all around the island where a large variety of coloured fish, crustaceans and corals can be seen a paradise for divers who will come across stingrays, sharks, barracuda and kingfish in a variety of places of spectacular beauty due to the topography of the bottom of the sea including peaks, caves, tunnels, canyons, and arches. The most visited site near the Northern islands is undoubtedly the renowned “Shark Pit”, behind Flat Island, at the foot of “Pigeon House Rock“. During their stay in Mauritius, visitors may also follow PADI and CMAS diving courses up to qualification.



The number of surfers and “kiters” travelling to Mauritius essentially for windsurfing and kite-surfing is increasing rapidly every year. The easily accessible surfing spots in Mauritius are Tamarin Bay & Le Morne, both on the south-west coast, and to a lesser extent  at Rivière des Galets (south coast) and Balaclava (north-west coast). Tamarin is ideal for the inexperienced surfer, while Le Morne should be kept for the more experienced surfers.
Experienced Kitesurfers often consider Le Morne spot to be among the best in the world, but not suitable to inexperienced kiters, as strong winds and strong sea current drag out of the lagoon. Club Mistral operates there. Kite 2 Fly operates at Poste Lafayette, promoting kitesurfing by teaching how to take off, jump and perform acrobatic figures.



First, the visitors learn how to use a kayak and send signals using his paddle. Several trips ar offered to visitors including paddling and snorkelling  at Pereybere, paddling up rivers at Le Goulet or Remoart River, paddling through mangroves at Ile d’Ambre and picnicking on Ilot Bernache, or from Calodyne to Grand Bay, or in Le Morne lagoon. Other interesting trips include paddling around Ile aux Aigrettes, Ilots Chats or Ilot Singe, etc. All kayaks are fully equipped with hatches, backrests, tow ropes and other safety gears. Snorkelling gears are also available.



Parasailing is a sport for all ages, and it requires no particular physical conditions. After being secured in a flight harness, the visitor will slowly ascend to 500 to 600 feet where he will enjoy breathtaking bird’s eye views of the lagoon and the underwater seascapes from a parachute trailed by a boat. After about 15 minutes ride, he will have a gentle and dry landing back on the speed boat.


SNORKELLING - Blue Bay Marine Park

The ideal spot for snorkelling is Blue Bay Marine Park situated right in the centre of the lagoon, enclosed by coral reefs protecting it from oceanic waves. At a depth of about 5 metres lie a coral bed of great beauty. The density of corals found there is unique, and researches have identified a large number of different species of corals and fish. This is the unique place to discover rare species of our marine fauna.



The Pamplemousses Gardens, (now officially known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, in honour of the late Mauritian Prime Minister), spreading over 60 acres, are known to naturalists throughout the world for their large collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including the giant water lilies, a very interesting spice garden and many species of palm trees, including the Talipot Palms, said to flower every 60 years after which they die – Over 500 different species of plants are found there.



This island is a sanctuary for endemic species. Visitors will appreciate the 90 minutes guided tour in its peaceful surroundings while learning about the various species of plants and animals rescued from extinction. The beautiful Pink Pigeon and the rare Mauritian Kestrel may be observed in the wild. These birds are among the rarest of the world. They will also see rare reptiles, endemic to Mauritius, Giant tortoises, an impressive restored gun dating from the British occupation of the island  as a military base during World War II, a old French lime kiln, etc.


CHAMAREL - Coloured Earth

Chamarel village lies roughly midway on that twisting road linking Case Noyale (in the west) to Baie du Cap (in the south) is reputed for its coloured earth (where there is an undulating area of dunes with shades of blue, green, red, purple and yellow earth, apparently caused by erosion of volcanic ashes), the neighboring waterfall of rare beauty, and the Chamarel



Mountain bike trips are organized in various parts of the island, thus giving the opportunity to visitors to enjoy different sceneries. There are usually stopovers either for picnicking under the shade on a river bank, or at specifin places where delicious Mauritian meals are served.



Manioc was introduced around 1735 to be cultivated to feed people and cattle. The Manioc biscuits factory was set up in 1870 by Mr Rault, and it was rebuilt in the early 70’s after being destroyed by a tropical cyclone. Manioc has now to be partly imported from Madagascar so as to have enough of it to run the factory. The old machines are still being used, and no chemical at all is ised during the process.



Being among the first tea producers in Mauritius, Bois Chéri has now developed a guided tour through its factory and its museum, where the visitor will learn about its history and view the old boilers and machinery used in the past. The process of tea production is also explained and shown step by step.




Installed within the wall of Beau Plan sugar factory, a full day is necessary to visit that superb and original sugar museum devoted to sugar and its history through more than 3 centuries of sugar production. All the steps of sugar manufacture are explained thoroughly. Children and adults alike will enjoy the documentary films and interactive games throughout the visit. The visitor may also taste Mauritian rum and special sugar before enjoying delicious meals at its restaurant, Le Fangourin.



Situated near Rivière des Anguilles, in an area where vanilla used to be grown, Vanilla Crocodile Park is a breeding centre of crocodiles from Madagascar. Right at the entrance of the park, beautiful specimens may be seen in a secured pit. Very interesting indeed when they are being fed! There are nurseries of thousands of baby crocodiles being bred for their flesh and skin, when grown up. Children and adults alike will be interested to see the various animals, monkeys, giant tortoise, rabbits, bats, wild boars and a large lizard from Madagascar. The restaurant, Le Crocodile Affamé, serves delicious meals… It is said that the crocodile flesh is also delicious!



Casela – The Bird Paradise! Situated 3 Km from Flic en Flac, just off the main road linking Port-Louis to Le Morne, this property of 25 hectares have over 3000 birds, including the rare Pink Pigeon. It also offer shelter to tigers, monkeys, lemurs, stags, giant tortoise, horses, etc. Kids may fish “tilipias”, and toddlers may enjoy swings, toboggans and other children user-friendly devices in the garden. Guided tours are also available...



facilities now exist for exploring marine life in a large air-conditioned submarine diving to over 35 metres of depth. Fitted with a transparent glass cabin, you may enjoy exceptionally clear panoramic views of the fantastic underwater world. Diving at the night is also possible. The smaller 5-seater submarine offering a panoramic view is solely for couples, family or groups of friends who may dive to 20-30 metres.
Pilot your own underwater subscooter by 3 metres of depth and enjoy a unique experience in the World! No need to be a diver or a good swimmer to control the sub scooter. Under 12 years old & pregnant women are not allowed. Under 16 years cannot pilot the Sub-scooter. Comfortably seated one behind the other, you breathe freely and naturally in a broad, common, transparent and panoramic cupola. As a safety measure, a guide diver will accompany you during the 30 minutes of your underwater cruise



If one dreams about a romantic and glamorous trip, sailing a luxury catamaran,  we may make it true in Mauritius. On board one of Terres Océanes' catamarans, one may sail to deserted islands or explore the hidden coves along the coasts of Mauritius, or simply dive in the deep blue sea. There are 5 fully equipped catamarans with 3 luxury double cabins being operated. There is also the unique and exclusive “live aboard experience”, guided by an experienced skipper and a qualified professional diving PADI/CMAS instructor right through the duration of the cruise to the northern off-shore islands. 3-day cruises are offered, so that beginners would progress from scratch to become qualified divers.



Ile aux Cerfs, a tourist haven off the east coast of Mauritius, is certainly one of the land marks of Mauritius. It features splendid tropical vegetation encircled by magnificent beaches for swimming and snorkelling. Visitors use the shuttle service from the small fishing village of Trou d'eau Douce to the island. It is the paradise for water sports, including parasailing, towed inflatable buoys, and kite surfing, but this paradisiacal island is renowned for its beautiful beaches, its gastronomic restaurant and its professional golf course.



Dolphin in the open sea is the symbol of freedom and serenity. These wonderful creatures are extremely social. They communicate through grunts, squeaks, and high pitch sounds, and have an intelligent body language (leaping, breaching and smacking the water surface with their tails). Before 1 July 2006, some operators offered “Swim with Dolphin” Tours. Now, this is not allowed anymore. Operators may take visitors closer to watch them but they should follow strict rules in order not to harass them. No feeding. Stay at a distance. Reduce speed when approaching so as not to disturb them, etc.



Dinghies are available in most beach hotels from their boathouse, and often for free. Several operators offer facilities for sailing. One operator, embarking a maximum of 7 persons on board his own integral sailing yacht, offers special 1-day trip where the passengers may, if they wish, learn nautical chart reading, how to use a GPS, and how to reduce the sails when the wind is stronger, etc. They may be at the helm in turn as well. The main stopover is usually in a beautiful lagoon for snorkelling followed by a succulent meal – BBQ frilled fish and salad.



All catamaran operators offer trips with drinks and barbecued food on board. Those located in the north mostly offer trips to Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel (where it is interesting to swim or snorkel. Some others offer sunset cruises. Those based in the south-east mostly offer trips to Ile aux Cerfs with a stopover at the GRSE waterfall, and possibility to snorkel. On the west coast, operators offer Dolphin Watch or sunset cruises.



A few operators in Trou d’Eau Douce, in the south-east of the island, offer various speedboat cruises, the most popular being trips to Ile aux Cerfs, with a stopover at Ilot Mangénie for delicious barbecue food, including grilled lobster, fish or chicken and salad. Usually, a rum-base punch or beer is served. Other more interesting trips include cruising to ‘Ile aux Cerfs’, G.R.S.E Waterfall, ‘Ile aux Flammants’, ‘Ile aux Phare’(lighthouse), ‘Ilot Marianne’, ‘Ile de la Passe’, cruising past ‘Ile aux Aigrettes’and ‘Ile aux Deux Cocos’ and snorkelling in the One and Only Blue BayMarine Park. Cruise back to Ilot Mangénie for lunch.